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Mobile Banking Security

As smartphones increasingly become mainstream for consumers’ financial lives, their value to fraudsters has risen accordingly. Mobile shopping, mobile wallets (M-PESA), and person-to-person (P2P) payments all offer new avenues for fraud, and much of the next generation of authentication solutions flows through consumers’ phones. Although mobile malware is still a new threat in Kenyan markets, the potential risk is tremendous as malware operators and fraudster shift their focus to this new vector. This necessitates that financial institutions begin securing apps and adapting proper authentication to address the threat of mobile malware before it fully affects all areas of an economy and all markets.

M-PESA services is a good example of a service that is fertile for malware attacks by actors who seek to hack for monetary reasons. Other personal information can also be lost through mobile social media hacks.

Trustcom, Ltd has a team of experts who conduct investigations on Computer fraud, social engineering, embezzlement, money laundering schemes, mobile malware, and other forms of financial fraud or theft. We use variety of tools and resources to uncover and correct illegal activities.

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Note: We have expert consultants and experienced auditors for international standards and schemes concerning information/cyber security.

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