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Security Landscape


Mobile Malware Threats

Applications are the lifeblood of every mobile device, and a key area of vulnerability. Malware can be delivered through unapproved, third-party app stores, personal computers or via wireless connections, wi-fi, or Bluetooth. Malware can look exactly like legitimate apps with no obvious indication of bad behavior.

Examples of Malware:

  1. Ransomware (Wannacry)
  2. Key loggers
  3. Spyware
  4. Worms
  5. Rootkits
  6. Trojans

Trustcom Malware Defense

1. Trustcom employs Multi-layered detection and analysis based on a broad set of parameters, including signatures, user behavior, static/dynamic analysis, source origin, structure, permissions, and third-party black lists.

2. We use crowd-sourced intelligence to identify legitimate and malicious apps

3. We use various tools to detect malicious apps

4. We use mobile app reputation service to determine app risk

5. We help you block out installation of apps identified as malicious


Trustcom can help you to understand the standards appropriate to your organization and how to achieve them.